SkyDeck Panels used as an Orchestra Pit Cover

Bradenton, FL

In addition to providing and installing a full counterweight rigging system, complete with track and drapery - InterAmerica also created a SkyDeck tension wire grid orchestra pit cover to the Manatee Players Performing Arts Center in Bradenton, FL.

Using a SkyDeck over an orchestra pit is an exciting application that is continuing in popularity. It can be paired with a pit filler or other removable wood decking finished to match the stage floor. When the orchestra pit is in use, the wood decking is remove expose the acoustically transparent SkyDeck below. The SkyDeck panels act as a pit safety net while the framing members are strong enough to carry a 125 psf load.

IAStage designed the Manatee Player’s SkyDeck pit cover in conjunction with Project Architect, John Toppe. Like all SkyDecks, this one is a modular system. Panels can be removed if ever required. This special application SkyDeck has a removable section for the conductor. The panel configuration provides line of sight between the conductor, the musicians, and the performers during rehearsals and performances. When stepped on, the tension wire grid does not stretch and displace like a traditional orchestra pit net.

This application might very well be setting a new standard in pit covers, and SkyDeck is the ideal product for this application.

SkyDeck tension wire grid panels used as a pit cover

SkyDeck Tension Wire Grid panels cover an orchestra pit

SkyDeck Tension Wire Grid panels cover and orchestra pit