Congratulations to Trevor Dorsey, our Employee of the Month for November!   

Series of three images of a friendly looking red-haired man with freckles.

Trevor works in the shop as lead welder. He picked up the trade at a two-year technical school in Ark City, Kansas, after the arrival of his first baby. At the time, he was working in a factory “stacking boxes,” as he put it, “and I realized that this wasn’t going to cut it.”  

 As you can see, Trevor is delightfully understated. Word from his colleagues in the shop is that he’s a fast learner who can deliver quantity and quality, which is rare. “He’s definitely a go getter,” and “Trevor’s leadership material,” and, “He’s ready to jump in and help anyone,” and, “he’s always respectful and professional,” are just a few of the comments shared with me by his colleagues.

Trevor and Mark Powell standing on the access structure that Trevor welded.

 A family man currently living in Deltona, Trevor joined the plumbers and pipe fitters’ union in Kansas. He transferred to the union here in FL in 2019. He was introduced to IA Stage through Tradesman International, a temp agency for skilled tradespeople. Trevor is enjoying his time here and says, “I’m in the early stages of my career as a welder. It’s cool to be working in the entertainment industry.” Working with designer, Mark Powell, Trevor welded a one-of-a-kind access structure for one of the Central Florida parks that IA Stage works with. Mark says, “Trevor is a very capable welder/fabricator that is open to learning and taking direction. He takes pride/ownership in everything he does!”

Outside work, Trevor still enjoys skateboarding – “I’ve been skating since middle school” – kayaking, hiking, and he loves the water. He and his family took a month-long family trip to Grand Canyon in 2021. “We hiked one mile down and one mile back up together,” he told me, grinning. Trevor and his wife, Heather, manage a large household that includes five boys and one girl ranging in age from 2 to 14 years old. Heather holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology and served as a counselor to high school students pre-pandemic. She had moved to virtual counseling by the time the pandemic was in full swing, but she is now a stay-at-home mom. 

 Something cool about him that I didn’t ask, but we should know? In 2009, when he was in the 9th grade, Trevor was part of a Blueprint and Engineering class. The class assignment was to design something new. Trevor’s design was a hoverboard. “Lexus came out with the same design in 2012 or 2014,” he says. “I still have the notebooks and I’m missing out on royalties!”