We are delighted to announce Brian Kelley as December’s Employee of the Month!

Originally hailing from Northern Virginia, Brian embarked on his professional journey by earning a degree in Theatre from Radford University. His career kicked off as a Master Electrician touring with Barter for “The Good Docter” immediately after college. Following that, he spent two years as a Stage Technician and Production Stage Manager with Royal Caribbean.

In 1998, Brian transitioned to Florida, commencing a seven-year tenure as a Technical Designer with Seaside Theatre in Daytona.

“I taught myself AutoCAD and kind of learned on the job as I was going, and then every job after that, I would learn a little more,” Brian explains. His diverse career path led him to rigging for Disney and later serving as a technical director for FX. Unfortunately, the economic downturn in 2008 resulted in a layoff, prompting Brian to freelance at a hotel ballroom. Here, he overheard one of the riggers talk about IA Stage. “I sent over my resume and got a call from Mark Black the next day,” he recalls. Starting with field rigging, Brian’s capabilities soon transitioned him to the office full-time.

Beyond work, Brian has been happily married to his wife, Jamie, for eight years. Together, they share a home with a specially chosen pool for their water-loving Lab, Hana, whom they got just four months into their marriage. Brian also enjoys camping with his stepson, Heinz, making it their preferred getaway. “Our go-to getaway is camping, with Hana, who’s an incredible diver,” Brian shares, recounting the dog’s impressive 21-foot plunge in a local pool.

An avid kayaker, Brian has curated his own “List of Ultimate Places to Go Kayaking in Florida,” featuring Silver Springs, Crystal (Wikkiwachee) River, and Juniper Springs.

Additionally, Brian’s creative side shines through his hobby of building intricate models, including R2D2, The Millennium Falcon, and the Ecto-1 from Ghost Busters. During this time of year, he and Jamie have become neighborhood legends, winning the award for the best Christmas lights three years in a row! (see header picture for the most recent win)

‘Tis the season indeed, and we congratulate Brian on his well-deserved recognition as Employee of the Month!