Chandeliers at RH's "Next Generation" Store

Tampa Bay, FL - Restoration Hardware, or RH as it prefers to be called, recently opened its doors to its newest store in Tampa Bay, FL. RH provides premier luxury brand in home furnishings for indoor and outdoor living. This store is one of four “next generation” galleries, a newer concept for RH, which focuses on the customer’s experience. When you set foot into the four story building, it feels like you are stepping into a mansion. Each area of the store is lavishly decorated to provide you with ample inspiration. Designers on every floor help customers come up with the best solutions for their homes. As you make your way through to the back of the store, you can find a sprawling staircase that is lined with gold-plated mirrors and dazzling helix chandeliers, inviting you to venture to the next intricately designed floor.

Chandeliers at RH Retail Store

IAstage was contracted to install the chandeliers hanging through this sprawling stair case. A total of 23 helix chandeliers at 265 pounds each are suspended up to 66 feet overhead. The biggest challenges of the installation were working in a mostly finished building and designing the connections below an existing large skylight. It is evident that RH takes pride in the quality of everything they do. It only takes one step into their stores to clearly see this. IAstage was able to match this attribute with efficiency and clean workmanship. According to the RH Lead Store Designer, IAstage installed all 23 chandeliers in half the time of previous installations and will be contracted for their next installation in Austin, TX.

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