This year, #RigSafe falls on April 27th. As always, IA Stage holds safety above all else, which is why USITT’s #RigSafe and RSI Program means so much to us.

Tragedy can easily strike any site if rigging is done improperly. It could be as small as a broken bone or as devastating as a loss of life for yourself or members of your team. When we participate in #RigSafe, we are helping evolve the dialogue about rigging, and to encourage everyone to make it part of their daily practice. This day also reminds venues of USITT’s excellent RSI (Rigging Safety Initiative) program. It partners with local professionals who employ ETCP Certified Riggers to offer free stage rigging and safety training for secondary schools across America. Schools are able to apply twice a year.

We encourage everyone to participate this year in #RigSafe. Post to social media using the hashtag to share your rigging questions and tips, or share posts by us, USITT, and other friends of the #RigSafe movement.

There is no way to be too safe, so let’s get #RigSafe trending!