IA Stage and CarlStahl teamed up to provide the newest technology for overhead safety and optics: SkyDots™. Just like SkyDeck™ grids, SkyDots are made to withstand the rigor of riggers.

  • Add Carl Stahl’s unique X-LED puck to the intersections of the SkyDeck™ cable grid and your grid becomes its own light show.
  • From displaying images as if it were a TV to custom lighting effects, each puck is capable of being individually controlled, resulting in an amazing and captivating experience for your audience.
  • Transform arenas, concerts, and sporting events into an immersive and unforgettable experience.
  • For dark rides, add effects that will leave guests breathless. For the stage, take technical effects to the next level for a new-age performance.  Even auditorium house lighting takes on a new form with greater flexibility.


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