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SkyAscend Self-climbing Hoist

SkyAscend™ self-climbing hoists are the motorized solution to A/V and rigging headaches. Custom designed to suit the needs of your venue, the SkyAscend™ self-climbing hoist holds lighting instruments and sound equipment inside and below the body of conical truss. Our self-climbers are equipped with a pantograph feeder system that elegantly manages power and data cables.

Make equipment inspections and maintenance fast, easy, and safe by bringing your SkyAscend™ self-climbing hoist down to a comfortable working height. Your feet never have to leave the ground!
  • Special helically grooved pairs of drums prevent the truss from walking end to end during ascent and descent.
  • All wiring is run inside the truss, so there will never be dangling cables and untidy presentations.
  • The system can span long distances between roof framing members without deflection, keeping your truss straight and attractive for front-of-house use.
  • Live load capacities range from 800LBS to 1500LBS.
  • Complete your system with our UL 508A controls.

It really is the affordable way to painlessly add motorized rigging to your venue.


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