Portable Acoustic Panels

IA Stage has long been involved in providing specialty noise control products for the entertainment industry. We make serious sound treatments for the entertainment, industrial and education industries.

Our noise control products have many applications: Absorption; Isolation; Light Masking

  • Entertainment Industry – stage manager’s booth, side stage masking, acoustic curtains, dark ride scene dividers, guillotine acoustic door panels
  • Industrial Noise Control – themed environments, dark rides, maintenance areas, performing arts centers, restaurants, studios, classrooms, auditoriums, night clubs, manufacturing plants, construction sites.
  • Composite Barriers for construction, community noise, dark rides.
  • Baffles and Absorbers for industrial plans, warehouses, food processing facilities, gymnasiums, arenas, auditoriums, and architectural applications. Available in durable, quilted fiberglass, economic polywrap, and FDA approved sanitary baffles.
  • Portable modular screens join together to form any configuration required.
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Transmission loss ratings to STC-32
  • Absorption rating to NRC-1.05 or better

IA Stage is an authorized dealer of Sound Seal acoustic noise control products.

All products are fully customizable to your specs, and we’re always available to answer your questions.

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