A working film studio with lighting instruments hanging from a pipe grid.

Pipe Grids

Pipe grids are ideal for any space where you need to hang and/or rearrange lighting equipment on a regular basis. It is common to find pipe grids in black box theaters, broadcast studios, media/CCTV rooms, practice rooms, theater labs, experimental theaters, photography studios, and even some proscenium theaters with limited stage height.

Our standard specification for pipe grids is based on a linear foot live load capacity of 30 pounds per foot. Special considerations are required for heavier loads, especially point loads. (A good example of a heavy point load is a 250+ pound speaker or TV monitor.)

Our standard pipe grids are made of 1-1/2″ schedule 40 steel battens crossing at right angles. The upper level battens run in one direction and are suspended from the building structure. The lower level battens are clamped perpendicular to the upper battens. Our cross clamps, SkyTies™, are the heaviest duty found in the industry and lock the crossed pipes together at a perfect 90° angle.

For lateral stability, at least two ends of the pipe grid should be attached to walls. This attachment can be a support shelf running the full width of the grid along each wall, or individual wall flange brackets.  Suspension methods vary widely. IA Stage offers suspension/installation hardware that facilitates efficient installation at any facility.

As a general rule, the maximum spacing for grid hangers should never exceed 12 feet in any direction.

We can help you get started pretty quickly if you can provide drawings or sketches with as much of the following information as possible:

  • Elevation drawing showing floor-to-roof framing and floor-to-desired grid.
  • Dimension of the room in plan view showing the extent of grid coverage desired.
  • Roof framing plan. Identify the ceiling structure. What are we working with? I-beams, truss, concrete?
  • Any obstructions we should know about? Ductwork, conduit, sprinklers?

Although we will work from napkin sketches, AutoCad drawings make the process of budgeting and providing accurate layouts much quicker. Upload your drawings and photos through the Contact Page.

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Installation of one of a curved pipe grid. This one is located at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, VA.


SkyTie Stacked (transparency) SkyTie On Schedule 40 (transparency)


SkyTies™ are designed around a 1.5″ Schedule 40 Pipe.

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