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Acoustic Panels, Clouds & Ceilings

Designed specifically for the entertainment industry, our acoustic panels, clouds & ceilings meet the increasingly complex needs of today’s performing arts halls and themed attractions.

We have a full range of acoustic clouds/shells and control systems, wall covering absorbers, baffles, enclosures, screens, and sound barriers designed specifically for the entertainment industry.

  • IAS -25  sound panels act as both a sound barrier, blocking sound where you don’t want it, and a sound absorber, reducing reflected sound in hard rooms.
  • IAS-25 panels are covered with Acoustivel™, a light-absorbing black fabric, making them ideal for blocking light and sound.
  • We can fabricate custom equipment barriers for any type of shop. Just tell us what you do, and we can get you set up with the proper panels.
  • Class A Fire Rating

All our products are fully customizable to your specs, and we’re always available to answer your questions.


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