Simply put, safety culture is an organization-wide philosophy that places a high level of importance on the values, attitudes, and beliefs of and about safety. It’s “the way we do things around here”. Positive safety culture improves general workplace health, performance, morale, and overall operation.

Workplace attitudes and behaviors about safety can be categorized into 4 major characteristics – positive, negative, proactive, and reactive.  At IA Stage, we pride ourselves on a positive safety culture designed to foster good communication, improve workplace safety, and ultimately limit workplace incidents. Just like any relationship, communication is key. The ability to have strong, open, and meaningful discussions is resolute.

What steps are we taking as a company to improve our safety awareness?

Maintaining safety while producing a product that is specifically designed to improve workplace safety and efficiency is really a no-brainer. While having a positive safety culture is paramount to workplace safety, being able to adapt to new challenges and scenarios while maintaining that high level of safety is even more important.  We accomplish this by constantly improving and adjusting our safety practices to discover new innovations in working more efficiently and safely. Our crews are routinely put through updated safety training and briefings, keeping certifications and safety-centric thinking at the forefront.

The first week in July, we are hosting an off-campus event in which we will be talking about Safe Driving, Cargo Securement, and Vehicle Inspections. After the event, we will have a companywide barbeque lunch where we can all come together  Our purpose is to get out of the office for the morning, because we can! With things opening back up it is time to have some company bonding events. Yes, we are practicing safety, and we think that openly talking about it. is one of the best ways to spread awareness.


Here is a direct link to last week’s blog written by our Safety Officer, Seth Donaldson.

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