Come see us at the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference.
May 8 – 10 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
Booth # 5133

This year marks Lightfair’s 29th annual conference, with 600+ registered exhibitors. Mark’s going to be there next week, hanging out with CarlStahl Architektur in Booth #5133.

A couple years ago, the two companies teamed up to combine SkyDeck™, IA Stage’s patented tension wire grid, and CarlStahl’s X-LED “dots”,  originally developed for architectural illumination, into SkyDots™ . How? By placing an X-LED dot at each intersection of the grid’s woven wire mesh walking surface. With this simple addition, SkyDeck™ acts as both a ceiling and floor. Think of the underside of the grid as a giant, flat-screen TV and each dot as a giant pixel. See the image of the man surfing on the side of the bridge? SkyDots addressed to create an image.

skydots programmed as man surfing over side of bridge
Amazing, right?
video of skydots demo
Check ’em out!


The RGB diodes are individually controlled and can be programmed
to create over 16 million colors: they can fade, flash, chase,
twinkle, strobe, blend, create images and text…

You’ve got to see this technology in action.





Come out to Lightfair 2018 and see “The transformative power of innovation and imagination converge in a global presentation of light and technology—brilliantly revealed at LIGHTFAIR International. Where new discoveries, new connectivity, new knowledge and new solutions propel lighting design quickly into the future.”