We’re not leaving today, but we will be a part of the upcoming NAB Show New York, October 17 – 18. Register for a Free Core Package for NAB Show New York

Register for a FREE Core Package right here. (Note that the rate increases to $25 after 10/1.)

We’ll be showcasing products and services relevant to the broadcast industry.

Acoustic Curtains  – Did you know that IA Stage has an exclusive line of acoustic fabric? Acoustivel™ is available in bulk or we can have our onsite Drapery Shop create custom acoustic drapes to suit the unique needs of your space.

Projection System Design – We’ve been recognized for providing the highest level of imaging engineering for themed environments and we offer complete projection system design and equipment. System design includes room, booth and projection ports, lens and component selection to suit the environment, specialty mounts and stands for imaging equipment, first surface mirrors, screens, dousers, and shutters. (Yes, we do that!)

Learn about SkyAscend at NAB Show New York

Broadcast Studio Rigging – Our self-climbing hoist, SkyAscend™, is the motorized solution to A/V and rigging headaches. Custom designed to suit the needs of your studio, SkyAscend™ holds lighting instruments and sound equipment inside and below the body of conical truss. SkyAscend™ easily handles lighting, sound, and projection equipment. Like the guys to the right, bring the machinery down to you and safely complete focus, inspections, and maintenance with your feet firmly on the ground. Our self-climbers are equipped with a pantograph feeder system that elegantly manages power and data cables.

Learn about SkyDeck at NAB Show New YorkAnd of course, the patented tension wire grid, SkyDeck™, efficiently replacing green beds for fast, safe, and efficient changeovers in the studio. See how easily technicians can access overhead equipment while folks below can work unimpeded?

Take a minute to check out our online showroom. If you’re going to NAB Show New York, or if there’s someone you think we should meet, give us a shout.