George Bocaranda, a Venezuelan man in a blue shirt sitting at a table speaking to someone across the table from him.

George Bocaranda has been chosen as Employee of the Month for a second time! As someone who has worked with George on a few projects, the writer of this blog post is not surprised by this news. And from what the selection committee told me, there was a concerted effort from the shop to nominate George again. This is a sampling of what his colleagues had to say about him:

  • [George always takes] the time to help out the shop with his projects, and with other projects, as well.
  • He comes out [to the shop] and helps us out. He is very nice and polite to us out here.
  • [As a PM,] he comes out to the shop and asks how his job is going and is there to help when needed.
  • [George is] one of office guys that comes [out regularly] and helps out…in the warehouse.
  • He goes above and beyond when it comes to checking on what [we’re working on] and how we’re doing. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air when he’s around.
  • [He] always steps up and takes on additional tasks. Handles anything thrown his way.

As you can see, George is a Project Manager who truly understands how to be a team player. He has clearly earned the respect of those who manufacture the SkyDecks for the projects that he is managing.

I’ll wrap up with something that George said when I interviewed him the first time he was Employee of the Month: “I’m a project manager, but I don’t see a division between myself and the shop. I’ll help in whatever way I can.”

Your colleagues can see that you walk the walk, George. Congratulations are well deserved!