A super friendly, laid-back guy with an easy smile, Clayton is a native Floridian, born right here in Sanford. He grew up in Orlando, however, with his adoptive family. I want to share this part of his story because it’s beautiful. (And Clayton said I could!) When he was little, he remembered that his family was from Sanford. He hung onto that memory, and around 2006, after his adoptive parents had passed away, he moved back to Sanford. Shortly after he moved back, he was out with a girlfriend, telling her his story, and she drove him right to his mother’s house! Clayton was reunited with his mother and five brothers and sisters. “Things happen for a reason,” he said, with a smile.

He came to us from Labor Finders, and stayed because he liked the work. If you’ve ever wondered how our SkyDecks get made, Clayton has strung, crimped, or drilled decks for every IA Stage project for the past 9 years. On March 16, Clayton will be celebrating his 9th year anniversary with IA Stage. He has more than earned the title of Employee of the Month.

I asked Clayton how he felt when it was announced during the morning safety meeting that he was the recipient for March 2023. “I was proud,” he said, adding that it was nice to be recognized because, “I’m a hard worker. I always give 100 percent. And I try to motivate those around me, too.”

Asked what he likes to do outside of work, Clayton immediately said, “Work out.” He has a home gym that he enjoys using because, as he puts it, “It makes me feel better. It just makes me feel good.” He also likes to play video games and he’s a big wrestling fan. I asked if he wrestles himself, and he laughed. “No; me and my nephew (7) and step son (9) do sometimes, but we’re just playing around!”

Clayton has a 25-year-old son who works for FedEx and a 19-year-old daughter, who is a cosmetologist, both in Orlando.  If their work ethic is anything like their father’s, they’re going to succeed at anything they put their hand to.

Congratulations, Clayton! We’re glad you found us and more importantly, we’re glad  you stayed!