Jorel Martinez smiling for the camera.IA Stage has implemented an Employee of the Month program. Our first recipient is: Jorel Martinez!

Rell, as he is called by friends and family, comes to us from the Big Apple. Brooklyn, to be exact. He moved to Florida in 2019 to get away from the fast-paced life that is NYC and more importantly, to be closer to his mom and his brother

Coming from a background of home construction, Rell’s skills were a perfect fit for IA Stage. He’s currently working in the paint shop and feedback from coworkers is positive. As a matter of fact, it’s hard not to be positive around Jorel. His ready smile and laid-back energy are infectious. Mark Black, president and founder of IA Stage, was immediately impressed by Rell’s energy and willingness to jump in and learn a new industry in a new town surrounded by new people. Mark says, “He’s just good people, you know?”

And while it’s been quite a transition, Rell is happy here. “I’ll always go back to visit New York,” he says, “but things have been falling into place here.” His two boys, 2-year-old Azariah and 8-year-old Javien, are thriving, and the family has started looking for a home to purchase. “And,” he said, laughing, “I finally got a truck!”

In recognition of his fantastic work ethic and attitude, Rell received tickets to see the Tran-Siberian Orchestra’s performance at the Amway Center in Orlando. (He’s promised to let me know how he and the fam liked the show.)