No stage lift project is too large, too complex or too specialized for IA Stage. LiftDeck is a screw-driven high-capacity stage and/or orchestra lift that employs bevel gear jacks. Bevel gear jacks offer higher efficiency and greater speed than typical mechanical screw jacks.

  • Add Drama to the Performance –  An IA Stage LiftDeck gives any production a grander scope and higher impact, bringing your theatre or auditorium alive in a way nothing else can. Change the height of the stage during a performance. Lift scenery, props, and performers into the audience. Create a thrust stage. All with the push of a button.
  • Add Function to the Room –  Use LiftDeck as an elevator to effortlessly bring heavy scenery, pianos, and chairs up to stage level. Extend your stage, add additional seating, or form a recessed area for the orchestra without extra labor or expense.
  • Pays for Itself –  A LiftDeck even eliminates the cost and potential danger of using pit crews to set up heavy, easily dropped manual pit covers. And when you consider the cost of a day’s labor for a typical four-member work crew, you’ll quickly see how a LiftDeck pays for itself.
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