The title is a text I received from my colleague, Elizabeth, back in early December 2019. The full text was:

“OMG! On The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, she performs in the cabaret in Miami. Our curtain is on TV!!”

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is, of course, the Emmy Award winning show, now in its third season on Amazon Prime. The cabaret is the Faena Theater, a gem of a performance space housed inside the Faena Hotel Miami Beach. “Our curtain” is the main drape for the 150-seat Faena Theater, and it is stunning.

The intimate space is inspired by Europe’s grand opera houses and the extravagance of Old Hollywood. Designed to convert easily between a night club and a performance space, Faena Theater is dripping in gold leaf, chandeliers, and plush velours. IA Stage provided and installed the motorized rigging for the space, including that beautiful main drape.

The 17’ x 27’ Brail-style curtain, which actually functions as a guillotine, is made of a luxurious, deep red upholstery fabric composed of 55% cotton and 45% viscose with a Blackout Satin lining. Hand-selected by Alan Faena, the specialty fabric is part of James Dunlop Textiles’ Mokum collection and was imported from Italy. The curtain was constructed state-side by Madeline Valentin, head of IA Stage’s drapery division.


Located in Mid-Beach’s posh Faena District, the Faena Hotel is the modern reincarnation of the historic Saxony Hotel, which has graced Miami’s beachfront since 1948.