An Interview with one of our ETCP Certified Riggers

Join us for an interview with Jason Hastings, one of our ETCP certified riggers, on what it means to rig safely in the entertainment industry.

April 24th is #RigSafe Day!

IAstage has partnered up with USITT to spread the word of Rigging Safety.

Here is a message from our friends:

UCF Creates a Safer Learning Environment for Students

Orlando, FL

SkyDeck tension wire grid with scenery at UCF

Alumni, Students and faculty at UCF’s Theater Department are super excited to finally be working with a brand new SkyDeck™ tension wire grid system. For years the department had wanted to create a better, safer working and learning environment for their students. The original pipe grid was difficult to access. Lighting positions above seating and scenery was impossible to reach without doing a “grid crawl” which consisted of literally crawling out on the grid while wearing a safety harness with two lanyards. Due to this, only a couple of people could actively work on show lighting at the same time.

We (Still) Do Rigging Inspections

Q: How do you know if you need an annual rigging inspection?
A: If you have overhead rigging, then you need an inspection!

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