Installation Nears Completion...

Installation of SkyDeck™ nears completion for Liberty University’s black box theatre located in Marie F. Green Hall.

First SkyDeck™ in Tlaxcala!

Say that ten times fast! While most of us aren’t used to making the “tl” sound at the beginning of the word, it’ll roll right off your tongue quite easily. See what I did there? If you can pronounce the contraction of “it will,” then you can say Tlaxcala. Try it: tlas – KAH – lah.

Shanklin Theatre, University of Evansville

Recognized as one of the top ten regional universities in the Midwest by US News & World Report, the University of Evansville has a long-standing reputation of excellence.

Keeping History Alive in West Tampa

The Fort Homer W. Hesterly Armory opened in December 8, 1941, the day after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

14 Years and Going Strong

IAStage recently completed at courtesy inspection at Tampa Preparatory School.

Fly Guy's Musings on ABX 2016

The ABX show is now over. Thank you Boston for dishing up some talented architects and designers.

New Cultural Center for Miami

The Sandrell Rivers Theatre is set to open November 19th as part of Liberty City’s new Audrey Edmonson Transit Village. The venue will serve as a new cultural center for the Miami area.

The Sky(Deck)'s the Limit!

“Inter” is a prefix that means between or among. Think interstate – a major roadway that goes between or among every state in the nation. As the name implies, InterAmerica Stage, Inc. was founded to provide stage machinery expertise between the Americas. These days, InterAmerica is living up to its name and then some.

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