Projection System Design, Specifications, Accessories and Maintenance

IAstage is recognized as providing the highest level of imaging engineering for themed environments

Complete projection system design including room, booth and projection ports

Lens and component selection to suit the environment

Specialty mounts and stands for imaging equipment

First surface mirrors, screens, dousers and shutters

Screens – front and rear projection, new and repair

Optimize Image Quality with a Preventative Maintenance Agreement from IAstage

dusty projector

A Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA) with IAstage is the best way to ensure that your imaging equipment is always operating at peak performance.

Sound complicated? It's not. A PMA is a simple agreement for maintenance activities, tailored to meet your operating schedule and budget.

How will you benefit?

clean lens

Maintain Optimal Show Quality to meet and exceed your guest's expectations.

Experience minimal downtime due to "unpredictable" equipment failure.

Accurately calculate lamp and filter life so that you always have the appropriate replacement stock on hand.

There are no surprises. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your imaging equipment is reliable and in top working condition.

Available Products

PL100 / PL200

closed and open projector lift

  • The Single or Dual Projector Lift provides better access for servicing and maintaining projectors by lowering the projector down.

  • Meets all over head safety and rigging requirements

  • Compatible with a variety of accessories, mirrors, dousers and shutters

  • Up to 500lb pay load

  • Digital Cinema Projector Mount

    projector mount

  • The mount supports any digital cinema projector

  • Tracks allow for easy access to the projector. Can be locked down in place while in use.

  • Allows for a horizontal 15 degree tilt front to back

  • Anamorphic / Custom lens mount

    anamorphic projector lens mount

  • Designed to customer specifications

  • Custom Projector Mounts for Special Applications

    custom project mounts for specific needs

  • Projector mounts designed for a variety of special venues that have special needs. These mounts can be configured to suit any custom scenario in landscape or portrait mode. Adjustable height elevation is available.