Brightline - SeriesONE with SkyDeck WTG

The Brightline SeriesONE and SkyDeck, the tension wire grid system.

Series ONE is a durable fixture that features compact, 55-W, advanced-phosphor lamp formulations.
A variety of dimming-control options; including phase, DMX, and DALI, with linear dimming to 1%.
Fixtures come with extruded horizontal or vertical yokes and racking options for varying profiles and beam patterns. Ideal for mounting to any SkyDeck tension wire grid system.

SeriesONE fixtures accommodate a number of accessories to shape and control the light-beam pattern, including intensifiers, control screens, gel frames, and snoots.

Brightline SeriesONE

Brightline Skydeck LevelsPlanview

Brightline Skydeck Levels - elevationElevation