Jumping for a Purpose VIII

Last week, we posted a press release about Combat Wounded Coaltion's event Jumping for a Purpose. October 15 was the eighth jump organized by CWC.
Bradly and Jack at Jumping for a Purpose VIII.

InterAmerica sponsored warrior Bradly Hanawalt (Army). Bradly served in the 101st Airborne assigned to 1st Platoon Charlie Company No Slack as an Infantryman. He received his Purple Heart on Feb 4th 2011. Bradly is currently a full time student and pursuing social work. He has 5 daughters and more recently just had twins!

Jack Hoffend went down to VA Beach to volunteer for the event and was able to support Bradly in person. CWC, along with Skydive Suffolk, made arrangements to allow civilians to jump in the same "jump stick" as the combat wounded warriors. Bradly and Jack stepped out of the the plane's rear hatch door at 14,000 feet.

Sharing such an experience with Bradly was an honor for Jack and for IAStage.