"GoDaniel" del Busto

Daniel del Busto and John Gitzy

Winner Daniel del Busto, 2nd Year BFA at West Virginia University, and John Gitzy, General Manager at IAStage

We got the chance to talk to Daniel del Busto, known around the IAStage office as “The Guy Who Won the GoPro” at USITT's 2014 Behind the Scenes Raffle. Daniel is a second year BFA in Design and Technology at West Virginia University. His focus is in Lighting Technology.

Asked Daniel what his first thought was when he won the nifty little camera, Daniel said, “It took a minute to sink in. My first response was: why can’t the weather be winter or summer right now? If it was winter, I’d take it skiing right now! If it was summer, I could go white water rafting with it or something. But I can’t do either!” Keep in mind, Daniel won the GoPro at the end of March. Spring rains, anyone?

Daniel is scheduled to graduate with a BFA in 2016. After graduation, he plans to work in the field - possibly as a programmer - and then look into graduate school.

When we spoke a few days ago, Daniel was in tech for the College of Creative Arts' current production, Henry IV (Parts 1 and 2). In addition to his lighting responsibilities, Daniel's been playing around with creating time-lapse videos of the lighting hang and focus!

IAStage sends you and the WVA cast and crew a big "Break a Leg!" And we can't wait to see what you do with that camera.