SkyDeck™ install complete at Cardinal Gibbons High School, Raleigh, North Carolina!

IAStage has installed a 2400 ft² SkyDeck™ Tension Wire Grid System at Cardinal Gibbons.

Tension Wire Grid SkyDeck at Cardinal Gibbons

Coined by the school the “Building the Vision” expansion added a brand new black box theatre. The space, designed by Ratio Architects of Raleigh, with the help of theatre consultants, Theatre Consultants Collaborative, Inc., was intended to fuse seamlessly with the existing school structure.

Temsion Wire Grid - SkyDeck- at Cardinal Gibbons

Our ETCP certified riggers worked with Clancy & Theys, General Contractors, also headquartered in Raleigh, to install the SkyDeck™.
Kevin Ferguson, Director of the Drama Program stated, “The overall design of the new facility reflects that unique energy and sensibility that IS Gibbons. Having a space that really captures what Gibbons is will be pretty sweet. The new theater is the next chapter in the vibrant growth of the Gibbons Community.”