Mohonasen Central School District Invests in Education, Technology, and a SkyDeck™

A new SkyDeck™ wire tension grid was brought into the world on June 16, 2016. Built for the Mohonasen Central School District in Rotterdam, NY, the full coverage grid consists of 63 panels and spans over 1,500 square feet.


The grid lives in a black box theatre housed in the brand-new two story Advanced Technology Regional Education Center (ATREC), which is adjacent to Mohonasen High School. The new build is part of a $48.2 million Mohonasen Central School District-wide capital construction plan that was approved by Mohonasen voters in 2013.

The 42,000 square foot facility is set to open this fall. We’ll keep an eye on the construction project as it heads towards the finish line.