Telehandler Recertification Safety Training

On May 2, 2016, InterAmerica Stage’s team went through a training session for re-certification for working on Telehandlers. Two sessions were held, one morning and one afternoon. Gregory Keatley, Brian Kelley, Drew Becker, Guy Reno, Chadwell Keatley, Jason Hastings, Nathan Purdy, Eric McAfee, Jason Peliwo, John Gitzy, Rafael Sanchez, Eli Torres, Heath Turner, Jay Hurt, Jim Peliwo, Ryan Abriani, Steve Schell and Mark Powell participated.

Training was done on a 10,000-pound capacity unit with a boom capable of extending 40+ feet. Safety Links, LLC provided the training on-site. It involved both video and discussion training as well as a physical component. During the physical component, each participant was required to move a load at a distance which was placed at an angle, reposition the lull and re-landed the load on a different orientation angle.

Each member took turns on the lull lift, being instructed on proper procedure and safety while other team members looked on. Overall it was a highly successful training session allowing for questions and an absorption of the latest safety knowledge.