Phantom F-4 is displayed at the Orlando Executive Airport

InterAmerica Stage is extremely proud to have been the volunteer erectors for the new F-4 Phantom monument at the Kittinger Park at the Orlando Executive Airport.

This monument is in honor of those who served our country and participated in the Vietnam War from 1961-1973, with over 37,000 servicemen and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country; 333 from the Central Florida region.

The F-4 Phantom was the most significant aircraft that flew in the Vietnam War as it provided close air support for the Army and Marines that fought the ground war and shot down the most enemy aircraft.

Phantom F-40 lifted into place

Phantom F40 being transported

Phantom F-40 at Orlando Executive Airport

Phantom F-40 at Orlando Executive Airport

IAStage team members Mark A. Powell, Andrew Becker, Heath J. Turner, and Steven A. Schell worked during the night to rig the jet. “Mark Powell’s IA Stage Team…. were stellar in their professionalism, expertise and performance!” George Powell, Powell Design Group, Inc.
Other local firms participating; Icarus, Stans Delta, Certified Slings and Crane Rental Teams and Powell Design Group, Inc. with the project:

Dedication on December 14 2014