James River Assembly

InterAmerica Stage, Inc. recently completed a two-year custom drapery project in Springfield, MO. for the James River Assembly. The project involved creating and installing new drapery for the assembly hall of the facility. The curtain also had unique requirements to match the existing wall color and needed exact cutouts included for the entryways into the room.

IAStage worked meticulously to provide the highest accuracy possible for the project. Over 1000 yards of custom dyed velour fabric was used. Weeks of sewing went into the curtains, including extensive measurements so that the openings lined up with the doorways exactly when extended. The final project resulted in two full curtains installed on a motorized track. The finished size stretches 32’ high and 220’ across the back wall of the assembly hall.

InterAmerica Stage, Inc. truly enjoyed bringing this project to life and hopes to work with James River again in the future.

View of drapery from stage at James River Assembly