Jumping for a Purpose VIII

Last week, we posted a press release about Combat Wounded Coaltion's event Jumping for a Purpose. October 15 was the eighth jump organized by CWC.

Jumping for a Purpose VIII

(Chesapeake, VA, October 13, 2016) – More than a dozen wounded warriors and Gold Star family members will participate in the Combat Wounded Coalition’s (CWC) Jumping for a Purpose VIII on October 15.

Tyler's JumpZach's jump

Wise Words from Inspector Eric

Here at IAStage, we’re proud that we have 12 ETCP certified riggers on staff, including 1 Recognized Trainer, and 1 Recognized Subject Matter Expert. Inspections are an important part of the services we provide. IAS Project Manager and ETCP Certified Rigger, Eric McAfee, recently completed an inspection at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. We sat down with Eric to find out what exactly an inspection entails as well as the benefits of having them.

The Sky(Deck)'s the Limit!

“Inter” is a prefix that means between or among. Think interstate – a major roadway that goes between or among every state in the nation. As the name implies, InterAmerica Stage, Inc. was founded to provide stage machinery expertise between the Americas. These days, InterAmerica is living up to its name and then some.